Data Center and Cloud

We effectively meet our customers' data center needs with our flexible and scalable cloud solutions.

We move your workloads to the cloud with public and private cloud solutions.

We offer customized hybrid cloud solutions to meet the technological needs of businesses, provide in-depth consultancy in this field, and increase operational efficiency by enabling our customers to integrate local and cloud resources.

By making SAP’s powerful data processing and analytics capabilities available in the cloud environment, we offer fast and effective solutions for businesses’ business intelligence and data analysis needs.

We offer expertise in custom environment setup and management on AWS, Azure and OpenStack platforms; We enable our customers to seamlessly deploy cloud computing solutions and achieve high performance and security standards on these platforms.

Bulut gereksinim danışmanlığı hizmeti ile işletmelerin bulut bilişim ihtiyaçlarını belirleyip, en uygun bulut stratejilerini geliştiriyoruz.

Within the scope of Co-Location, we shed light on businesses regarding evaluation and planning, infrastructure preparation, data and server migration, integration and testing, commissioning and optimization.

We provide our customers with an environment that allows them to pay only for the resources they use, with a usage-based payment model.