Architectural Consulting & DevOps

By accelerating your software development processes, we increase efficiency in business processes and provide a competitive advantage.

As MTEK, we help our customers develop the technical architecture of their products. With this service, we contribute to competitive and innovative product development by increasing the performance, reliability and scalability of products.

In order to prevent system outages and provide continuous service, we carry out phased topology planning for our customers. With this approach, we support our customers in establishing high availability and reliable IT infrastructures.

We help businesses choose sustainable technology stacks that will support their long-term success, thus offering flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the future.

By adopting the DevOps culture, we integrate the principles of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) to our customers. This approach makes software development and operating processes faster, more efficient and error-free.

We establish CI/CD pipelines to automate and accelerate our customers’ software development processes. This service allows our customers to launch their software faster and improve it with continuous feedback.

Up to 50% Cost Reduction in Developer and System Management