Cyber ​​Security

We provide critical protection against data breaches and cyber threats with our powerful cybersecurity solutions.

We implement manual testing and ethical hacking procedures to ensure security.

MTEK’s cyber security success is based on its expert staff with prestigious certificates such as OSCP, OSWP and CEH. These experts protect the company’s data and systems against malware and cyber attacks, thus protecting MTEK from major losses and ensuring the safety of customers. The high standards of training and deep technical knowledge of these certified professionals strengthen MTEK’s leading position in cybersecurity and increase customer reliability.

We provide detailed test reports in accordance with local and international standards to prove the quality and reliability of products and services.

We conduct comprehensive penetration tests and vulnerability checks to detect security vulnerabilities in systems.

We conduct comprehensive analyzes to detect security vulnerabilities.

We help protect critical infrastructures by testing the security of industrial control systems.


Penetration Test

As part of the service we provide to our customers, integrating penetration tests into our DevOps processes offers significant advantages in strengthening your application and infrastructure security. Firstly, the penetration tests we perform in line with DevOps principles such as continuous integration and continuous deployment help us detect security vulnerabilities in the early stages of your software development processes and provide rapid feedback on this issue. This way, your developers can improve the security of your products by resolving security issues at earlier stages.

Secondly, penetration tests are included in our continuous improvement processes, allowing us to evaluate the effectiveness of our security measures and continually improve them. Frequent and automated penetration testing allows us to monitor security vulnerabilities in the application or infrastructure. This allows your team to keep security measures up to date and make environments more resilient to potential threats. Penetration tests form an important part of our fast and reliable software distributions, adopting a security-oriented approach when serving our customers.


Load Test

Load tests are performed in preproduction and production environments with scripts prepared specifically for your applications. It allows continuous optimization of application performance and infrastructure resilience. Load tests performed regularly within continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes enable proactive detection of performance problems that may arise after software changes or infrastructure updates. This allows teams to quickly address scalability issues and improve performance, which increases user satisfaction and application reliability.

Additionally, appropriately developed load tests provide valuable information for capacity planning of the infrastructure. The load tests we perform regularly within DevOps processes report to you in detail how the application or systems react under the specified load. This data plays a critical role in determining strategies to scale the infrastructure as per the requirements and optimize its performance.


Query Analysis

Our DevOps team, together with our MSSQL and PostgreSQL DBAs, analyzes queries that take longer than expected based on load test results. We share the actions that need to be taken with your software team and help both increase application stability and optimize server resource consumption.

Measuring database query performance provides an important metric for evaluating the scalability and responsiveness of the application. These metrics provide important guidance for scaling infrastructure according to requirements and monitoring performance issues. As a result, database query analyzes and performance measurement, when integrated into DevOps processes, support more reliable, faster and scalable deployments with the ability to optimize the application’s database interaction.